ASUS ZenFone Integrated Campaign

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ASUS ZenFone Integrated Campaign

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Zenfone™  is a new range of smartphones that put entertainment and productivity in perfect harmony with each other.

Experience what others can’t is an integrated campaign designed for an audience that are looking to take a different path. People who are searching for a way to go their own way. They want to do things differently and do different things.

Connect our audience to a ‘behind the scenes’ world of fashion, exclusivity and glamour.

Enable our audience to gain access to exclusive content, glamorous events and situations.

Show the benefit of multiple features working in perfect harmony with each other.

Highlight the quality of the Zenfone™  PixelMaster camera by inspiring the campaign and shooting some of the assets with the Zenfone™.

Campaign Photography

Billboard Design

Point of Sale Design

Interactive Experience Design

Digital Advertising Design

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